Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quote of the Day

"The Catholic Church is like a waitor: he doesn't make the meal, his job is to get it from the chef to the table without screwing it up."
- Mother Miriam, aka Rosalind Moss on the 2008 Coming Home Network's Deep in History Conference tapes.

Her point: God is the author of salvation (ie the chef), the Church's role is to bring that salvation to us without screwing it up. She is not free to change doctrine, she is not free to water things down, she is not free to ignore a teaching; her job is to present the salvation that has been won for us by Christ to her members and to the world. So at times, we are the 'customer' and at times we are the 'waitor.'

When you are serving as a waitor, don't be afraid to carry that sweet smelling dish of salvation! (ummm..... a sizzling plate full of fajitas!)

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