Monday, November 9, 2009

Travels, Celebrations and a Bronze Pelican

'Been awfully quiet 'round these parts the last few days!

Explanations are perhaps in order, along with my usual random musings on the events of the past few days.

Thursday and Friday last week saw all the priests in the state of Ohio gather for a convocation. Admittedly, most priests going in were not terribly excited by the prospects. It was a two day gathering on teh upcoming pastoral letter on marriage by the Bishops. (There's a line among priests: rather do 10 funerals to 1 wedding.) Thankfully, our fears were relieved and the presentations and discussions were very good, at least in your humble scribe's opinion.

Perhaps best of all was the opportunity to see preists that I knew from around the state whom I don't get a chance to see all too often, like since I was in seminary. I re-met guys whom I had played basketball against in inner-seminary ball tourneys; guys I was in class with at the Josephinum and had lost touch with, and just other priests from around the state. Truly a gift, and a realization that the presbyterate is bigger than just my diocese.

The Vocation Directors from around the state were able to gather and pow-wow on a number of topics, too. (One priest from the state was noticeably absent.....)

Friday night saw a wedding rehearsal in Minster, Ohio. My sister's youngest sister-in-law was getting married and had asked me to do the wedding, which I was happy to oblige. The wedding was on Saturday afternoon, and a great celebration and pulled in a number of ideas from the previous two days. (I love it when a plan comes together....)

After the dinner at the wedding, I hightailed it back to Cinci (about a two hour drive) for Masses on Sunday morning at the parish. The pastor and Sunday Associate both had been previously assigned at St. William's, which was celebrating 100 years and they both wanted to attend the anniversary gathering, so I gladfully took the later 2 Masses at the parish.

I sat down for bout an hour to watch the Bengals take on the Ravens. Luckily, I caught all the Bengals scoring, which leaves only one thing: WHO DEY!

Bout 1/2 way through the second quarter, I had to depart for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Catholic Committee on Scouting Adult Awards Dinner. As chaplain for scouting, it's a mandatory show, which I am glad to do. Archbishop Pilarczyk was on for the Mass, so I got to stand there as so much of a potted plant, which is a-ok with me! He had a nice reflection on the importance of scouting and gratitude for the adults who make scouting possible. He received the St. George Medal at the end of Mass, along with a few other nice gifts.

I wasn't serving just as chaplain, I was also up for the Bronze Pelican (Copper Chicken?) award. It is the highest honor that the diocese can give for recognition of contributions to scouting. I was awarded for my role as chaplain in addition to leading the last two summer retreats. I was honored to receive the award, thanks to all the scout leaders who made it possible.

Finally, my weekend wasn't quite over yet, as I had been coerced into leading a discussion for a Theology of the Body for Teens class on ToB's relation to celibacy. It was great fun, actually, and a good group of young people, bout 18 or so. I love getting in front of groups to talk on all these things and really enjoy the questions and comments that they give in feedback. There is hope among our young people, truly.

With that, my whirlwind tour came to end and I returned to the rectory. Tired, but a good kinda tired. Don't want to be at the office today, though.


Wayne said...

"Don't want to be at the office today, though."

Hence, the blog post I assume. :)

Adoro said...

Is "gladfully" an actual word or did you make it up, Father? ;-)

What a very packed weekend! Congrats on your bronze pelican!

Mother Hen said...

Thanks for helping out my oldest rooster. He needs all the help he can get.

Mother Hen