Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bit of a party this weekend....

For those outside of Cincinnati who may be unawares, Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk, Archbishop of Cincinnati, celebrates 50 years of priesthood this coming Sunday with a Mass of Thanksgiving at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains in Cincinnati.

He is the prelate who ordained me to the priesthood and appointed me to serve him as Director of Vocations for the Archdiocese, both of which make me extremely grateful to him!

The Catholic Telegraph Photography Project posts a note from his ordination to the priesthood, which is frankly, amazing! Archbishop was ordained a priest in Rome while studying at the Urbanum, the Pontifical Mission University.

As Rick Barr notes at the previous link, The Catholic Telegraph's page has extensive information.

Finally, for those unable to score a ticket for Sunday's Mass of Thanksgiving, according to Matt Swaim's Twitter feed, Sacred Heart Radio will be audiocasting over the air and online.

Pray for safe travel that I might make it back in time from Iowa to attend!


Dan said...

I'm curious about something. What is the proper greeting for a retired Priest? Is it still "Father"? Then what is the proper greeting for a retired Archbishop? Is it still "Your Grace"? You know, just in case I see him still walking across Walnut Str.

Father Schnippel said...


Yes, retired or active, the proper greeting is still 'Your Grace' or simply 'Archbishop' if you see Archbishop Pilarczyk on the street. The title is conferred upon ordination, not by assumption of the office, if that makes sense.

A retired priest is still 'Father' in similar manner.

Dan said...

Thanks! That makes sense.