Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kudos to my Niece

Earlier this week, my eldest sister emailed me that he eldest daughter had been nominated to represent FCCLA (what used to be, in a less politically correct time, known as Future Homemakers of America, I have no idea what 'CCLA' stands for!) in our hometown's annual Carousel Pageant for junior girls entering their senior year of high school. She is the third generation of our family to take part in the proceedings.

Well, mom forwarded something else on to me this morning: the reason she was nominated.

There is one boy in 'FCCLA,' which admittedly is one more than when I was in school. The moderator, when selecting who would represent the group, asked if anyone would want him as her escort. Several girls said no, straight away; several waffled for a few minutes; my niece said yes right away, which brought other girls to say yes, eventually, too.

Why the hesitation? He is special needs, with Down's Syndrome. Her having a cousin who is special needs, another niece of mine, has helped her see the beauty and talents that each one of us has, and how we are all unique creations of our loving Father in Heaven.

I am very proud of my niece, who has always been a wonderful girl and now a superb young lady. I am also honored that she has asked me to be her confirmation sponsor this April.

Way to go, knock em dead at the pageant!


Kurt H said...

FCCLA - Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. One of the recent national presidents of the organization was a wonderful young man from our town.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Ashley! Rachel also was in the pagent last year for Carousel, representing the FCCLA group. It is great to have these opportunities open for kids that have special challenges. This organization at school is affirms all who are a part of it and the advisor is wonderful! Also a member of our parishes!

Tracy said...

I must admit I am very proud of her Kyle!!!!