Thursday, February 3, 2011

But I have to get my throat blessed!

Earlier this week, my mom told me of the conversation she had with her mother.

While Cincinnati was generally spared the worst of DeathStorm2011 (rev. A), my home town two hours drive north was projected to be in the midst of a snow/ice/sleet/ice/snow band. Not the best weather for a 90-something woman who has had hip problems to be out, I think we would all agree.

However, Grandma was insistent. Knowing that my mother helps out at Mass on Thursday morning, grandma innocently asked: 'So, Sharon, going to Mass on Thursday.' 'Yes, of course.' 'Do you think you could pick me up?' (Grandma doesn't drive, but lives litterally right behind the Church.) 'Mom, if it is nasty, I'm not getting you. I don't want to risk you falling.' 'But, I have to get my throat blessed.' 'No, Mom.' 'Sharon, I always get my throat blessed!' 'Mom, if it is nasty (and it is), I am not taking you out in the weather!' 'How am I to get my throat blessed?!?' 'If you can't get out, I'll call the pastor to have him come over and do it special for you.' 'Ok.'

End of story.

Family is such a joy at times!

(on the flip side, I wish I had time today to drive the two hours home to do it for her, but alas.)

Happy Feast of St. Blaise, today!

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Anonymous said...

For the first time in ages (decades?) I had my throat individually blessed after early Mass. I am so impressed with our younger priests who are willing to take the time, rather than bestow a general throat blessing on the whole congregation