Monday, October 17, 2011

Data Dump, Mid October Edition

Lots has been happening, so to catch up:

The rumors are true: my 19th niece/nephew is on the way!  Friday night confirmed that my sister Tania is expecting her 5th.  This news, of course, prompted my mother to look at my other siblings and remark: "Isn't 19 a horrible number to land on for grandchildren?  Doesn't 20 have a much better ring to it?"

Last Thursday night saw the official charter of the Serra Club of Sidney/St. Marys Deaneries, which marks the northern two deaneries of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  It was a great evening, with much celebration, and a wonderful reflection on the Call to the Priesthood by Bishop Binzer to culminate the night.  Thanks to all who worked so tirelessly to make it happen.

Yesterday, (October 16) saw the inauguration of Fr. Benedict O'Cinnsealaigh as the 35th President/Rector of Mount St. Mary's Seminary of the West and the Athenaeum of Ohio.  Here's hoping he publishes that speech, it was absolutely fantastic!

(Oh, the Seminary has a new web presence, too; be sure to check it out.)

Tomorrow, I am visiting our college seminarians at the Pontifical College Josephinum, which is always a good time.

This week the Vocation Office is hosting two Andrew Dinners: Wednesday at Our Lady of Victory in Delhi and Thursday at St. Helen's in Dayton; doors open by 5:30, grub at 6:00, all done by 8:00.

Thursday is also the priest's convocation at Incarnation, Centerville.  Pray for us that day, would you?

This coming weekend marks quite a few events:

1) Parrhesia Conference Saturday, October 22, at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral.

2) Deep in History Conference, Oct. 21-23 at the Hilton Easton, Columbus.  I'll once again be leading the Holy Hour Saturday night, if you are there, stop by and say hi.

3) Cast Your Nets - Dayton is Sunday, October 23, 2011, at St. Luke's, Beavercreek, featuring Tony Melendez.  Again, stop by and say Hi if you're there.

Next Monday, I leave, with a priest buddy, for six days of much needed vacation in the Big Apple.  Why we're going to the city that never sleeps when I need more sleep than usual is besides me, but more importantly: what should two mid-western priests see and/or do while in the Capital of the World?


Trista said...

Fr. Kyle, you should definitely come out east to Long Island and visit your favorite vocations-based non-profit. Or at least let us know when you're free to meet up!

But in all seriousness, what are you looking to do? Broadway shows are a great place to start (from what I've heard, the best ones right now are: Anything Goes, The Book of Mormon, Spiderman, and Wicked), you need to do Top of the Rock (it's better than the Empire State Building in my opinion), and I can give you some fantastic (and not too pricey) restaurants to check out, too.

Emily Bissonnette said...

When you need some quiet prayer and reflection time, St. Agnes (Fulton Sheen served there for years), St. Vincent Ferrer (Dominican parish) and Sacred Heart Basilica in Newark are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Can't miss a trip down to help out with the protest at occupy wall street.


Anonymous said...

Looks like folks from the seminary and or archdiocese office have been working to silence Rich Leonardi from Ten Reasons blog and the early morning show. Sad day for the Catholic Church and shows the level of outright hostility in this diocese. So much for a concern over vocations. When someone stands up for the truth of the Catholic Church and is slapped down for it, it shows that the leadership in this diocese is not interested in keeping the Catholic Church Catholic.

Of course Church leadership also went after Father Pavone so this is not unique to the Cincinnati diocese. And folks wonder why we are starting to withhold money which funds this beast.

Greta 77 year old lifelong Catholic in Cincinnati

Father Schnippel said...


No one from the seminary or downtown offices 'silenced' Rich, he took down his blog on his own volition.

Anonymous said...

I understand that pressure forced his removal from the Sunrise morning show even though he had done nothing on air to offend anyeone, but they did not like what was said on his blog. I notice you only mentioned on the blog site which I do know he took down after being silence and taken off the morning show by pressure.