Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Book to Build the Culture of Vocations

Wing Tip by Sherry Boas

My review:

I was honored to be asked to read a preview copy and submit a review of the work to the author prior to publication. Here is my short synopsis:

'The inner life of a priest is not always easy to describe as both his family history and his experience in ministry affect who he is as a priest. Ms. Boas invites us into the inner life of Fr. Dante as he struggles with his own weaknesses, yet relies on the steel that is underneath as he struggles with the greatest challenge he will face as a priest. She captures him beautifully on paper and I would love to chat with my brother priest in person!'

For those who have read 'Diary of a Country Priest,' you will find the similar internal doubts and struggles that accompany one who has faith. We walk forward into the sometime darkness of our world and what appears to be a chance encounter leads to a chance of a life time.

A great summer read with a truly Catholic worldview and a strong effort to build a culture of Vocations within the Church.

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