Sunday, November 26, 2006


Over the last two days, I have been part of two great celebrations. Last night, I had the privilege to officiate at the wedding of two friends of mine: Angela and Ryan. They are a young couple that I could see really love each other. The ceremony had some of the best music that I have heard at a wedding in a long time. It is uplifting as a priest to celebrate a wonderful event in their lives and to see their joy at coming together as one in Christ.

Today, as the Church celebrates the Feast of Christ the King, Regnum Christi celebrates their Patronal Feast. I have many friends from my two parish assignments who are part of the movement and are really on fire with the Spirit and a love for the Lord. The celebration was held here at our Cathedral and had about 250 gathered. The movement is lay driven and is about the faithful living their faith in a strong and dynamic way. There have been many fruits from the movement that I have seen, including numerous vocations to the priesthood and religious life. (I only hope for more vocations to the Diocesan priesthood!)

As Vocation Director for priests in the Archdiocese, I could only wish for more such movements that help the faithful live their call as Baptized Christian, because when the faithful take their call to holiness seriously, all vocations flourish.

God Bless!


Dorothy said...

Hello Father Kyle! I attended Christ the King RC celebratin today in Chicago at Holy Name Cathedral. It was beautiful. I have been discerning Regnum Christi as a married mom of 4- I see so many fruits. But I do not find alot of Diocean Priest support of RC. Any thoughts? You seem to hold it in high regard. I watched as friends of mine were incorporated and wondered if this vocation is truly calling me. I participate in their programs but have not "signed on." God bless. Know that I pray for vocations- I am off to my chapel hour 12-1 AM Mondays and I will remember your intentions there!!

Father Kyle said...

Dear Dorothy,

Thanks for responding. I've been on retreat the last week, so I haven't been able to get back to you till now.

You ask about diocescan priests supporting RC. I think some of it has to do with being outside of control. RC's connection with the Legion of Christ causes some of the problems, as priests are not too comfortable with some of the things that the Legion does. Also, I think priests get threatened by things that are not in their control. Priests need to realize that all the faithful, ourselves included, are on a path to holiness. I have found that RC helps those who are involved to take their faith seriously, to learn more about their faith, and be involved. I would whole-heartedly support someone joining the movement.

God Bless!