Friday, November 24, 2006


As we celebrate this American holiday, a tribute to eating too much and beginning the holiday shoppeing season, I keep thinking back to what the Archbishop said at the Ohio Young Adult Conference this past weekend: 'It is always appropriate to show gratitude.' As a culture, I do not think that we say "Thanks" enough. I know that I have received many good gifts in my life, and I often take them for granted. I have a wonderful family that I do not see often enough, my parents were excellent in raising me, not perfect, but I knew I was loved. As a priest, I am supported by the generosity of people I do not know, so that I can do the things I need to do. I am also aware of the gifts God has given me, from my vocation to my joy in working with people. As we gather to celebrate with friends and family, always remember to say thanks. It costs very little to give, but can give us the world in return.

May God bless you as we prepare to once again welcome His Son into the world.

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