Sunday, April 22, 2007

A wonderful weekend and trips galore

Sunday evening is just a pause among many travels going on right now.

Thursday, I left to visit the four men that we have studying at the Pontifical College Josephinum, in the College of Liberal Arts. I was glad to hear that they are all doing well and seem to be leaders in the house. (One is head sacristan as a second year man! (The position was always reserved to at least a third year when I was there and usually a senior.)

After meeting with the Rector, I headed to mom and dad's for the rest of the weekend. I had a wonderful dinner at a family's house on Friday night. We had a good chat about how to promote vocations in the North Country of the diocese. We are getting a good stream from up that way, let's pray that it continues!

Saturday was a special day for the family, as my niece Brook made her First Holy Communion at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in McCartyville, Ohio. As 'Uncle Father,' it is a privilege to be able to give her Communion for the first time. She looked really excited to finally be able to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. Fr. Pat Welsh's homily was very good, age appropriate but also with a depth of content. He is really looking forward to moving in to the new church in a few weeks.

Sunday morning continued the whirlwind tour. After breakfast with mom and dad, I headed to Wright State University to cover Mass for Fr. Ed Burns, campus minister at WSU. (I saw someone from Botkins there, which is always nice.) Apparently, Ed is still as absent minded as always, as he booked both me and Fr. Chris Coleman for the Mass. (He was glad, though, as he was leaving for Alabama later in the day and still had to pack!) I have to say that I love covering Masses for friends I had in the seminary, as it gives me a chance to share stories and embarrass the local priest. :evil grin:

Tomorrow, the tour continues as I head to the Eternal City. Zack is studying over there and preparing for ordination to the priesthood this coming July. If I have to stand before God and everybody and testify that he is worthy to be ordained, I better well know it! (and if I get a trip to Rome out of it, mores the better!)

I no more than get home next Sunday then I have to leave again on May 1st to head to Michigan for a regional DoV meeting. By the time all of this is over, I think I might forget what my rooms even look like!

Well, one more quick post before it is off to pack. God Bless and stay safe!


barb said...

I hope you have a safe, blessed trip Father. You will be in my prayers.

Fr. Ed said...

Well, as said "absent-minded priest", you try all of this without a secretary!!! And *evil grins* are so unbecoming of a priest!!! (He said charitably).

Have a good time in Rome (he said less than charitably!)


Alexander said...

Hm, so Donnie is doing well then. Good to hear.

When do the seminarians in Columbus get out for break?