Monday, April 2, 2007

Babies are here!

Two baby announcements!

First, I'm an uncle again! My sister Tania (and Aaron) welcomed their fourth today (and first son!) Alex Joseph just missed being an April Fool by arriving in the world at 12:15 AM, after just six short hours of labor. For Tania, that is a minor miracle right there. (Ready for four more, now?)

Also, after a tumultuous few months, my friend Sean welcomed his son into the world late last week. Thomas Patrick arrived on March 30th to proud parents Sean and Robyn. The miracle of life is shared in many ways in this wonderful family. (Sean is recovering from a heart transplant.)

In other great news, Sean's friend and former roommate Jonathan also received his heart/lung transplant. Last news I heard, all was going well, but slowly. For updates on these two last items, check out:

Life is a beautiful thing, much to be celebrated!


Father Martin Fox said...


Is it true that you are cooling your heels out in Iowa during Holy Week?

Get your ontologically changed hindparts back here and help me this weekend!

Seriously, hope you're having a great visit with the family!

Rich Leonardi said...

Congratulations, Fr. Schnippel.

I suppose I feel about Iowa the way my New York uncles felt about Ohio.

"You're going to Ohio? Nobody goes to Ohio."

Enjoy your week.