Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Post 300!

And a Big ol' Happy Birthday goes out to my brother Kurt, swarming through the snow in Iowa (That Iowa, always was a corny state!)

Anyway, thanks for those that turned in to listen to the Son Rises morning show. I now have a fair amount of scheming to do in response, however. I was a little suspicious as Matt went looking around for a set of head phones for me to wear in studio with Brian Patrick: "What, I never have head phones, who's calling in???"

The surprise was that my mother called in to wish Kurt a happy birthday. It was good to talk to her, and share some reminisence.

God Bless, and enjoy the day!


barb said...

Well, Father, if it's Kurt's birthday, it must be yours also, I'm assuming.
A happy blessed birthday to you both!!

Anonymous said...

It won't happen again.

At least not in 2007...

Adoro te Devote said...

What!? I missed a B-day?

Well, Happy Birthday! (Belated)

And my Dad's name was Kurt. With that very spelling. So he must be a cool guy. :-)