Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bravo, Enquirer

Today's editorial in the Cincinnati Enquirer certainly calls for praise, putting the human dimension to a very difficult question clearly in focus. Particularly telling:

The notion of sending a young girl off after such treatment - and the surrounding emotional issues of sexual abuse, pregnancy and termination, with a cloud of secrecy covering it all - with only the oversight of an irresponsible 21-year-old who was, in fact, her abuser is way outside the range of responsible medical treatment. It flies in the face of good care of this adolescent.
It may be easy to see why anti-abortion advocates wouldn't like this case, but abortion rights advocates should be just as incensed. Otherwise, what happens to all the concern they express about protecting the health of females?
It's hypocritical to make a case for safe abortions when, in this case, the protections provided - including parental notification - fall far short of regular, responsible medical care of a minor.


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