Monday, October 20, 2008

Just another ho-hum weekend

Sorry for the silence the last three days, especially after all the excitement on Friday.  A run down of an all too typical weekend for me:

Thursday Evening: Evening for Life with the Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati

At the computer at 6:00 AM, heard an announcement was coming.
phone calls started at 6:30, with a mix of surfing until about 8:00
8:30 head to the office, tried to work, YEAH, RIGHT!
10:00 back to Cathedral for Press Conference
12:30 back to office, head spinning
2:00 Mass with Franciscan Daughters of Mary
3:30 back to Cathedral
5:30 leave for wedding rehearsal (for the second time, oh to read a calendar right!) '6' = six o'clock, not FIVE!
after wedding rehearsal, funeral home visitation for the wife of a big supported of the vocation office
home, then dinner at Rock Bottom at about 9:00

10:30 Funeral, see above
12:30 back at Cathedral
1:30 - 3:00 confessions at Cathedral (three penitents, as there was a wedding in the chapel.  At least I got some reading done!)
5:00 wedding at St. Francis de Sales
post wedding: Banzai run to Target for birthday present for my 3 year old God-Daughter
7:30 Mass, coaches and a player with the Bengals.  (maybe Coach Lewis should insist everyone go?!?!?!)  (He attended the other chapel service.)
9:00 home, hmmm.... dinner; Nicholson's this time; ran into the cousin of a brother priest!

8:45 leave for Minster, Ohio
10:45 arrive in Minster for Ashlyn's 3rd birthday party
junk food, coffee, egg casarole, more coffee, and then cake; leaves on feeling rather unwell!  Mix in tossing the football in the back yard, ugh!
2:30 leave Minster, head to funeral home in Cincinnati
4:30 arrive at funeral home in Cincinnati
5:00 (after cutting the line, membership has its privileges!) leave funeral home
Dinner at a friend's house, relax
7:30 Mass at a parish
9:15 home

8:30 go to office
9:30 leave office, back to Cathedral (why did I even go?!?!), leave for next funeral
10:30 Funeral
noon: back at Cathedral, scarf lunch, return to office
1:30 chat with a supporter/friend about some ideas for the Office and/or seminary
3:00 back in office
4:00 return to Cathedral for confessions and Mass
5:45 head to dinner with a friend
7:30-9:00 Vocation Advisory Board meeting, went very well, thanks!
9:15 emails
9:45 'review of weekend post'
Who's playing Monday Night Football?


Osgood said...

First off, you get up way to early. And second, your the chaplain for the Bengals? Now that's sweet!!!

Adoro said...

WEll, you lament not reading the time right...but the REAL question is this: Do you know the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary?

* ducking *

Lillian Marie said...

It's always that second mystery that gets him. :-P

(and I thought I was busy! wow!)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, your week is a bit more relaxing--you need to recover from the weekend!

Mike Testa said...

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Anonymous said...

I thought I was busy but you win. But I've got one up on you, I forgot mom's bday last week in all of my rushing around after the kids. Well take care and if you'd have your blognic on Saturday I'd be there, but Monday is a no go. I would probably have to bring the kids though they still sing the Do, Re, Me song from your ordination.

Adoro te Devote said...


It would be SO COOL to meet your family...and get the real dirt on

LargeBill said...


Wow, what a schedule.

Don'tcha just love that drive up I-75? My wife is from Sidney (right by Minster) so I've taken the orange barrel obstacle course too many times to count.

I'm a little late to answer your MNF question, but it is Colts at Titans this coming Monday night.