Monday, August 24, 2009

End of Summer Bash

First the first time, we had an 'End of Summer' bash to welcome back our current seminarians as well as welcome our new men and give our college and theology students a chance to mix and mingle.

What did we do? Roast a pig, of course!

Mount St. Mary's Seminary of the West hosted our first (hopefully annual!) Pig Roast for Sems yesterday on her beautiful grounds. All of our guys showed, four making the trek down from Indy, the three at the Josephinum, one at Franciscan, and the 21 at Mount St. Mary's; plus three of the men ordained this past spring, two Archbishops, a vocation director, a rector of the seminary, and five or six of the priest faculty, as well. All in all a great day.

The weather here in the Queen City has been rather cool, yesterday topping off in the mid 70's, with low overcast skies (rain held off, thankfully!) We started with games in the courtyard: cornhole (not easy to explain, but think horseshoes with bean bags), actual horseshoe game, bocce, 'ladderball', and a myriad of frisbees; all around a pig sleeping heartily in a smoker that filled the courtyard with quite a pleasant aroma!

Evening Prayer and dinner followed, with a few small door prizes thrown in for fun.

Many thanks to Nick F. for supplying and roasting the feast, Andrew for helping to babysit the pig while he was sleeping, and the rest who helped make it a success.

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Adoro said...

Did you name the sleeping pig "Lawrence"?