Monday, August 24, 2009

Meet our New Seminarians

With the 'End of Summer Bash' having been completed, it is time to officially introduce our new men:

Sean Wilson hails from Emmanuel in Dayton and, after a year at the University of Dayton, begins 2 College at Bishop Simon Brute College Seminary in Indianapolis.

Alex Witt attends St. John the Baptist in Harrison and also has a year of college completed (at Ball State) and joins Sean in 2 College at Bishop Brute.

Jarred Kohn grew up in the Coldwater, Ohio, area and begins in 1 College at Simon Brute.

Philip Frederick has St. Francis de Sales in Lebanon, Ohio, as his home and joins Jarred in 1 College at Bishop Brute.

On to our new Theology students:
Eric Roush has been working at Xavier University, claiming St. Monica/St. George as his home parish and enters Pre-Theology I.

Matt Feist has been working as youth minister at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Cincinnati's Anderson Township before entering Pre-Theology I as well.

Chris Geiger has completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Cincinnati and hails from St. Susanna's in Mason as he also enters Pre-Theology I.

Chris Osgood is a native of the Moraine area in Dayton and has also just graduated from undergraduate, at Liberty in North Carolina and joins the rest in Pre-Theology I.

Brian Archdeacon has been working for a number of years in finance and insurance. Hailing from St. Peter in Chains in Hamilton, he completes the Pre-Theology I class.

Anthony Eichhorn is our last 'new man,' re-entering Mount St. Mary's, into I Theology. Anthony hails from St. Teresa's in Price Hill.

Please pray for these men, and all of our 29 seminarians.

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