Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Last Thursday, we broke from the heat of the city of Rome for the sleepy hamlet of Assisi, home to one of the greatest saints of all-time: Francis.

While there, we visited the Basilica, pictured above through the gate leading into the square before the Church.

Roughly, what, 3 hours north of Rome by bus, we reviewed the story of the little poor man and hit the sites which he made famous: San Damiano and St. Mary of the Angels (right?) down in the valley.

As we were making our way home, it struck me the impact that St. Francis continues to have in his home town, even 800 years later. One man, striving for holiness, continues to have a lasting effect.

I wonder what would happen if each one of us strove for the same thing in our lives: each person striving for holiness in the midst of the Church. How would our world be different?

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