Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Special Thanks

goes to the Knights of Columbus of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

On Saturday, July 17, the Knights of Columbus from the Archdiocese gathered for the annual State Officer Training/State Tour, something like that. Anyway, it was mostly the heads of the local councils to bring them up to speed on what the initiatives and agendas will be for the upcoming year.

Over the last few years, the state treasurer presents the diocesan vocation office with the funds collected from the diocese through the Knights' Pennies from Heaven Campaign. (Side note: the Pennies from Heaven is the jar that the Knights pass around during their meetings and they collect the spare change and pennies from members' pockets; all to be presented to the local Vocation Office.) This year, I was presented with a check for a little over $15,000, which we can all agree is a bunch of pennies!

We use this money for our media outreach and development, setting it aside until we can do something big with it. Past examples: the revisions that brought about www.cincinnativocations.org when I came on board four years ago were paid for out of these funds. The 'Man Behind the Collar' videos were paid for out of these funds. The upcoming revisions to the main page of the Vocation Office are also funded by this. We use any left over funds to support the production of our annual Vocation Awareness Week Materials as well. We try to stretch each penny to it's max, and I think we have been successful in developing a good product with what we have been given.

As I had a Mass that I needed to get back for, I was going to leave right after the check presentation (I know, ingrateful lout that I am!). However, they told me to hold on for a few minutes.

Unaware, I sat back down to be awarded with the 'Religious of the Year' award from the Knights in Archdiocese of Cincinnati for my work in the Vocation Office: helping raise the awareness of the importance of vocations, for diligience in traveling far and wide for the work of the office, and for the long hours it seems I work. (Yes, Dad, more than three hours a week!)

I was truly humbled and thankful for the recognition. However, as I said in my remarks upon receiving the award, I truly feel that this is just what I have been obliged to do. I very much enjoy the work I get to do as Vocation Director, and am just trying to be a servant in the vineyard of the Lord.

Anyway, a special note of thanks for all that the Knights of Columbus, both here locally and nationally, do to support vocations to the priesthood.

Fr. Michael McGivney, Pray for us!

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