Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To know the Shepherd

Today's Psalm, Psalm 23: The Lord is my Shepherd...., reminded me of a story.

Both Orson Wells and Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen were at a gathering. The host, recognizing two of the greatest orators to be in his midst, proposed a contest. Each of the two would recite Psalm 23, and the crowd would testify who won.

Orson Wells came first. He read with passion, zeal, power. His booming voice filled the room, holding the crowd in rapt attention. As he completed the last line, applause erupted.

Next, Archbishop Sheen stepped forward. He recited the Psalm from memory, reading it quietly, prayerfully, meditatively. Those in attention strained to hear his voice as he completed the last few lines. When he finished, silence.

The host turned to his wife: Ahh, one knew the Psalm, the other knew the Shepherd.

Are we in touch with the Shepherd of our souls, the author of the Psalm?

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