Monday, August 16, 2010

Where do Priests Come From?

"Do they grow on a farm? No. Are they made in a factory? No. Priests come from God's people. They once were young boys, just like you.

"As children, some of these boys played baseball. Some of them climbed trees. Some of them were altar servers, helping out at Mass. They may have dreamed of becoming an astronaut, a doctor or a fire fighter. But somewhere along the way, these young boys also thought about being a priest."

(from the Introduction)

With this short intro, Elizabeth Ficocelli begins her short children's book: 'Where do Priests Come From?' Sensing a need to address this question among young readers, she walks through the discernment and training of a priest from the time he is the age of the intended readers up through his ordination and the beginning of his priestly ministry. Everything is explained in very simple terms even the youngest of readers should be able to grasp, maybe with the help of a little explanation by the parents. It is also nicely illustrated by Shannon Wirrenga, showing the priest in his day to day life, serving the people of God, but also the reality that priests do take time off to recharge their batteries and reconnect with Our Lord through the taking of his yearly retreat.

I often receive many questions about resources for young families to help form their boys for a potential vocation, or at least open them up to the idea that God might be calling them to something different and unique. (Which is true in every case!) This is a very nice resource to begin these conversations, after all, 'maybe the next young man God calls will be you!'

A special note of thanks to Elizabeth for sending me a review copy, which I will gladly pass along to my nephews.

A gracious thanks to Bezalel Books for publishing this short work, may it bear much fruit both now and in the future!

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Sent a copy to St. William School Library...w. a prayer!

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