Friday, December 10, 2010

Father Barron on Leaving the Church

Saw this over at CMR, too good not to post here, too.

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Greta said...

My belief is that the reason that many leave is the poor and often dissenting teaching that has gone on around the country. The leadership has allowed outright dissent to remain in place in our so called Catholic Universities and within various dioceses offices and even in the dioceses newspaper. I find this a greater disgrace in many ways than the abuse scandal for the result is far more lost souls for Christ and someone in the end time will be called to answer for all those children of God lost because of these actions. The Bishops have a huge role to plan and too often they have been the source and support of not only the abuse, but the dissent and the poorly run seminaries.

I think there has been a radical change for the good at the seminary and believe we will continue to see increased vocations. After all who would want to devote their life to supporting outright dissent but a fool. You want the real deal and what Father Barron lays out well here and that is the fullness of our Church warts and all. People such as the woman mentioned here at the dissent filled Notre Dame should have been taken out of those positions years ago. We face the same with many at St Xavier locally.