Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vote Early, Vote Often!

From My Little Saint:

Please, help create a Handicapped accessible "Sunshine Playground"

in Western Ohio

by voting for New Bremen New Knoxville Rotary Club "Sunshine Park"
in the $250,000. category in the Pepsi Refresh Project.
Here's what you do---

click $250,000. category
Sunshine Park is ranked about #14 so far
"Vote for this idea"
(you will need to sign up but I have not
received any junk emails thus far from them)

PLEASE, vote everyday!!!

Side note: I have a niece who could take advantage of this park.
UPDATE: here are more specific instructions:

Here are a few steps to help you find the right link:

Click the link

underneath a big 'ALL' tab, there are four boxes with money amounts: $5K, $25K, $50K, $250K.

click the $250K tab.

right above those four boxes is a drop down menu 'Vote For:' click that and set it to 'current leaders' which pops up 10. At the bottom, click 'add more' and the Sunshine Playground is current #15.

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thanks for the plug!