Monday, May 2, 2011

Crazy weekend, eh?

So, how did you spend your weekend?

Let's see:

The Royal Wedding.  I watched it a bit while getting ready Friday morning, because, really, could you miss it?

Saturday, four men were ordained to the Diaconate for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  What a great celebration, I'll post the Telegraph article when it comes available.

Saturday night, I spent time with my Grandmother, God-Father, Aunt, Uncle (x2), Cousin and her husband and two children; it was a nice relaxing evening.

Sunday morning was the Beatification.  I didn't get up to watch it, but mom and dad had DVR'd it, so we watched it a bit later.  I was asked to give my reflections on the life and impact of Blessed John Paul to the Little Sisters of the Poor for their blog, which is found here.  Fr. Sunberg, whom I live with, poor guy, and I watched it again last night on EWTN.  Amazing, wish I could've been there.

Sunday afternoon, my niece made her First Communion, which it is always an honor to give to the nieces and nephews.  I've lost track of whom I have all given it to, but I think I am up to about 7 of mom and dad's grandchildren.

Later on that day, my Grandmother had wanted to see the Reds play in person, but had only ever been once before, 20 years ago.  I arranged for her and my uncles to go to the game.  I just talked to my Uncle who reported she had a fabulous time.  Many thanks to the Reds for making it happen, a truly classy operation who know what it takes to win on and off the field.

Late last night, word about the Usama Bin Laden.  Amazing, doesn't seem real.  As other parishioners of St. Blogosphere's have mentioned, it is right that we pray for him.  Difficult, yes; but do it anyway.

Today sees the Vatican Blognic, wishing I was there.

Alas, a full weekend, now back into the Mondays!

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