Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A further note for Friday....

It's getting closer, and the nerves are acting up already!

(Eric, I'm practicing, but don't think I can make 5,000/day!)

For those who have not been to Old St. Mary's, a few notes:

There is parking on Clay Street next to OSM, just south of 13th.

If the main doors are locked, the side entrance between the Church and the School will be open.

We are celebrating 1st Friday Solemn High Mass in Honor of the Sacred Heart.  I have not yet heard who will be serving as Deacon and Sub-Deacon.

This is being sponsored by Una Voce, Cincinnati.


Adoro said...

I really wish I could be there!

Maria Regina Caeli Schola said...

God Bless - Fr. I will have you in my prayers on Friday evening. Enjoy Pope Benedict's gift to you and all priest, and the grace that will flow from God as you deepen your relationship with him.