Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scouting and Vocations

Fr. Barron turns the reins of his all encompassing blog over at Word on Fire to his seminarian intern who reflects on the relationship between Scouting and vocations to the Priesthood:

Many Catholics in America speak of a “vocations crisis,” or the decline in men seeking to become Catholic priests. Recently, Catholics have observed a spike in vocations wherein many talented men are beginning seminary studies. This has resulted in many seminarians throughout the country finding their communities full. Admittedly, there are many factors that affect this increase in vocations, but a significant percentage of the men ordained priests today are the fruit of one American institution, the Boy Scouts of America.



Mike said...

Another thing that gets frequently overlooked is the relationship between vocations and larger families.

From CARA ...

"More than half of ordinands of the Class of 2011 (53 percent) report having more than two siblings, while one-quarter (24 percent) report having five or more siblings."

Last year's results were similar.

Deb said...

There are two young men entering the minor seminary that were part of scouts. They are both from large families too!