Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A few prayer requests

As I type this out on Wednesday morning, my grandmother (at one month shy of 90 years old) is hitting the operating table to have her hip replaced.  If you could, please spare a prayer for her and for a speedy recovery.  A few years back, she fell and broke her left hip and had that replaced.  (We think she just missed grandpa, who was in the hospital at the time w/ congestive heart failure, and wanted to be by his side for his last days here on earth.)  Now, she's having the other hip done, because otherwise she might end up in a wheelchair.  (At 90, would that be so bad?)  I annoited her while I was home on Monday, so she's good to go from that end.

Another request: a good friend of one of my nieces (10 years old) was recently diagnosed with a tumor on her brain stem.  She's undergoing therapy, but it's something that no 10 year old should ever have to go through!  Prayer for her strength, her parents, sisters and friends, if you can.

Thanks in advance.


Kathy Schiffer said...

Prayers for your grandparents!

Isn't she an inspiration, planning for her future at 90? My dear mother-in-law, now 94, has always been afraid to undergo surgery; so for thirty years she's been incapacitated by knee problems, even while her health is otherwise good. She spends her days in prayer, but no longer in service because of her severe disability.

Rich Leonardi said...

You got it, Padre.