Friday, August 5, 2011

Where do Deacons Come From?

Elizabeth Ficocelli continues her 'Where do ____ Come From?' series with the third installment, now on Deacons, mostly of the Permanent variety.  Geared mainly towards the youngest readers, or to be read by parents, she once again explains the process for becoming a deacon, what role deacons play in the parish and in the Church, and why it is important that we have deacons in our parishes as an aid to priests; all while still maintaining and clarifying the distinction between the priest and the deacon.

I also shared the book with the Director of the Permanent Deacon Office, who concurs: "It is written at an appropriate grade level, lays a good foundation to explain the Diaconate, and will help children appreciate the role of Deacons in the Church."

At just 20 pages, it packs in a good mix of info and illustration, even including a short glossary to give children basic definitions of ecclesiastical terms.

All in all, well done, again.

Order directly from the author here.

Or from Amazon here.

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