Thursday, January 11, 2007

Is it hard being a priest?

An email question to the Vocation Office:

Is it hard being a priest?

My response:

It is like any other vocation within the Church, there are days when itis amazingly simple to be a priest, everything falls in to place, theday, even if chaotic, is one of peace and a sense of community with God.However, there are also days when it is extremely difficult. I think oftimes when I have been called to the bedside of someone who was dyingand I have to offer some type of comfort to the family. It is not easy,but it is humbling to know that people look to you to lead them to God.

I think a better question to ask is: "Is it rewarding to be a priest?"To that, I can say firmly: 'YES!' Everyday you get to journey withpeople on their journey of faith. In confession, you free people fromtheir sins, you get to be with a couple as they prepare for marriage,and help youngsters prepare to receive Christ for the first time. It isa truly wonderful life.


Jennifer F. said...

What a nice post. It seems like being a priest would be such a beautiful, wonderful experience.

Father Kyle said...


It certainly is a wonderful and beautiful life, but it has its ups and downs just as any life does. All in all, I wouldn't trade it in the world.