Monday, January 15, 2007

Mary's role in Vocations

I preached this weekend at Immaculate Heart of Mary parish in Anderson Township, here in Cincinnati. After the Vigil Mass, a parishioner came up to me to say that I had missed a big point in my homily: Jesus began his public ministry at the insistence and prompting of his Mother. Reworking the homily for the next day: "Mothers (and fathers) have a particular role in helping their children to find their vocation in life, not just their job or career, their vocation; how God is calling each child to live out his or her Christian Life." For the moms out there, pray for the guidance to help find where God is leading your children, and what gifts God is asking you to help develop in your children so that they can follow His path.

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Rich Leonardi said...

Hmmm. There is a slight cocked eyebrow produced by the IHM parishioner's comment: that Christ wouldn't have begun His public ministry without the "prompting" of his mother. Not sure that squares with that whole "Second Person of the Trinity" thing.