Sunday, February 4, 2007

Priest Hero

From the Twin Cities, we add him to the prayer lists for a speedy and complete recovery.

What I liked about the article, a priest is called to die to himself and live for his parishioners and people. I feel Fr. Vakoc has done this.

It is also good to recognize that, as a priest, I often do not get to see the results of my ministry. It is good to read:

A woman whose husband was stationed in Germany with Vakoc now sits with him
each Thursday afternoon in the D.C. hospital, spelling his sister from her
bedside watch. The woman credits the chaplain with saving her life by helping
her through a difficult time in Heidelberg.

Get well soon, Fr. Vakoc!


Jackie said...

Fr. Kyle,

Great story. I read about this priest when he was injured as well as here and there since then. It's wonderful to see he is doing so much better physically. What is even better is to see that he is, in fact, as you pointed out, living out his vocation - to be 'another Christ' for the world.

In the military, good chaplains are a true gift from God - not only for the soldiers (sailors, Marines, etc.) but also for their commanders. They are an integral part of the military - for religious and those that think they aren't (which almost always changes when you need to jump out of a plane the first time or bullets are flying or...).

In particular, Catholic Chaplains are a special group within the Chaplain Corps - as they not only have no wife or children and can spend time with the troops in garrison. Additionally, they MUST go to the soldiers where ever they are on the battlefield because PRIESTS dispense the Sacraments. This can't be done long distance!! Confession, Mass and Last Rites - well you need to be there. The only chaplains to win the Congressional Medal of Honor regardless of branch are CATHOLIC PRIESTS. The last to do so was Fr. Capodanno - a Marine Chaplain who died in Vietnam. He is known as the 'Grunt Padre' and his cause is being looked at by the Church. A Saint AND a Congressional Medal of Honor - that would be 'way cool'

So - thanks for the story - yes, we will continue to pray for Fr. Vakoc - I bet Fr. Capadonno would be pleased to join us!

Father Kyle said...

Certainly, Jackie!

Does Fr. Capadonno's cause need a miracle to proceed? Sounds like two worthy causes!