Saturday, February 3, 2007

Whew, thank God it's Saturday!

Well, as has been mentioned in many places, Catholic Schools Week has come and gone for another year. My quip while I was teaching that 'We celebrate Catholic Schools by not teaching for the week!' It was usually enjoyable at the High School as we got extra treats during lunch (personal favorite: Skyline Day!)

For me, this year was about hitting different places to promote vocations: Monday was Elder High School, Tuesday was support group, so that was nice, but I had to leave early to head to Millville for a presentation, Wednesday was Mass at Moeller High School, Thursday was a presentation to the St. Margaret Mary Deanery, and Friday was Mass at St. Catherine's and three class presentations at Ascension in Kettering, and the opening prayer at the Elder vs. Moeller Basketball game last night. What an excellent game! (and a better outcome!) And, I got to shake Coach Tressel's hand, too. This morning was Mass with the Archbishop at Holy Name Church in Mt. Auburn and the rosary procession to Planned (un)Parenthood.

Looking back at this week, no wonder my office desk is somewhere under piles of stuff, and my residence is an equal disaster. Oh well, just as long as I get my taxes paid!

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