Friday, March 30, 2007

Anyone need a bottle of shampoo?

Well, I have finally joined the ranks of Telly Sevallis, Michael Jordan, and Adam Benjey. The Dome is now chromed over. It is all gone. Looking in the mirror, I can only think: "What have I wrought?!?" The good news, hair does grow back if I don't like it. So far, so good. We'll see what the reaction is and go from there.


Ellen said...

Don't forget the sunscreen!

Anonymous said...

"It can always grow back", huh

Don't be so sure!! (from one of your bald celebrity comrads)

Father Kyle said...


I never leave home without it (I don't have an American Express Card.)


Does that mean I wont have to shave it every morning?

Father Martin Fox said...


You may need to take a cue from Moses, who had to wear a veil to protect the people from the, er, radiance of your distinguished, high forehead...

(And as the thickets clear on the back of my head, a black zuccheto may be in order for myself!)

Jackie said...

Ah Fr. Kyle,

Glad to know you are enjoying the well deserved time off in Iowa. However, you have again proven that idle hands - get in trouble (hence why sergeants have privates paint rocks and rake dirt in the Army). So your idle hands shaved your head!!!

Not to worry as far as deciding if you like it or not - I'm sure that all your friends here in Cincinnati (esp Alex and I) will provide ample opinions and comments!!! Don't you worry about that.

Now I'm going to have to make a concerted effort to see you as soon as I get back - don't want that hair to grow back!!

God Bless and Enjoy the time off.

Father Kyle said...


Join the revolution! Shave it off!


fidelis servus said...

Fr. Schnippel,

I wanted to say thank you for your series on Catholic Exchange, and all your work on behalf of promoting vocations.

I also wanted to let you know about a blog I've begun dedicated to vocations...

I'm hoping it can be a resource for anyone discerning vocations. As you'll see, you've been featured prominently.

Thanks again.

yours in Christ,
Brad Watkins
"fidelis servus"

Fr. Howard said...

Dear Father,

Kudos on your decision! Anyway, just think about the money that you will save on hair care products. I believe that a bottle of Windex and a cheap roll of paper towels will rund you under three dollars