Thursday, May 15, 2008

Come One, Come All!

The Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains in the Great City of Cincinnati joyfully announces a new endeavor: ARK BUILDING!!!

That's right, you, too, can get in on the action before its too late!

Join your brothers and sisters in Christ in this exciting adventure of reliving the voyage of Noah and his sons and daughters-in-law as the Biblical Mysteries come to life before our very eyes!

Sponsored by the Home Depot and Cincinnati Shipworks, the lumber is being delivered to the south parking lot of the Cathedral tomorrow afternoon; with festivities begining after the 5:15 Mass. Bring your own hammer, nails will be provided. (However, if you have spare power equipment, we ask you to bring that along as there is a limited supply here; and the Ohio is already covering the lower sections of downtown, so time is of the essence!)

Spots on the Ark will be limited, and those volunteering the time or talent (treasure's worthless, it'll just weigh us down) will be given three chances in the lottery system.

Ensure your survival and join the Ark Tour 2008!

If you haven't heard, its rained, alot, here in the last two weeks, with more rain forecast nearly every day for the next week.

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treading water in cincinnati said...

Father, this is just too good not to have a comment on it! I honestly thought there was some sort of event going on at the Cathedral tonight! I hope you didn't have to wait outside and tell hopeful volunteers that it was all just a joke.