Friday, May 9, 2008

Post 500 Couldn't be Better!

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Today's update features questions and answers by the parents of some of our current seminarians.

Questions range from the observed changes in the family since a son/brother has entered the seminary to the more humorous 'Would you go to your son for confession?'

Dan Hess' father had the best response: Sure - this way I can tell him that he really didn’t lose the autographed Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card, but I got $35 for it on EBay.

Hopefully Dan will be easy on the penitent! (Although, it doesn't sound as if his dad is sorry about this trangression!)


michael said...

Father, thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed reading the comments of the parents. Each of the men are blessed to have such families. I found one particular statement to be just overwhelmingly beautiful --

"Taking Dan home from the hospital when he was born, we drove directly to our parish church and held him before the Tabernacle and thanked God for giving us a son. We then gave him back to God, asking only that we could raise him to be a holy man. God is faithful."

Padre Steve said...

I enjoy the comment by the father who sold the Griffey Jr. rookie card! That's classic! God bless! Padre Steve, SDB

DHess said...

You all have seen the film "The Mission," right? That gives you some idea what Dad Hess is in for. :)