Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Props and a request

First, the props to the Elder High School boys volleyball team, and their coach Sean Tierney.

Second, is there a way to post PDF's on Blogger, or do you have to host them somewhere else and then link to them?


adoro said...

I think you've got to post them somewhere else and then link them.

Or copy/paste. Unless you know how to do a "screen shot" and then upload that as a large picture. (I don't know how to do screen shots...never made sense to me.)

Gregory said...

I don't use Blogger much any more (I'm a fervent Wordpress convert) but here's how to post files -- pdfs or other documents -- to Blogger:

* Click the "Upload file" button in the menu above the body text field. It's the one with the up arrow.

* Navigate to the file and click upload.

* The link should automatically appear in the post. You can change the link text (so you can include it as an inline link, for example), but I find it's courteous to somehow alert readers that they're about to download a PDF.

Hope that helps.

Gregory said...

Oops. I just figured out why you couldn't figure it out. You can only upload documents if you post to a non-Blogger server using FTP.

But I'd be happy to catechize you in Wordpress.

Father Schnippel said...


Thanks for the advice and the offer for the Wordpress tutorial. I actually use wordpress for the seminarian blog that I moderate, and there are certain things that are very easy to use, but blogger has some advantages, too. Alas!

Besides, we ended up hosting the pdf's over at the vocation office page and linking them here. Problem solved.