Monday, December 1, 2008

Church out to amplify 'The Call'

With a huge thanks to Dan Horn of the Cincinnati Enquirer, a story he and I have been working on hits the press this morning:

The Rev. Kyle Schnippel places his prayer book on the table and takes a seat, waiting for the future of the Catholic Church to arrive.

It's an early Monday morning in November and Schnippel is among dozens of job recruiters preparing to make a pitch to students at La Salle High School. He hopes to find a few interested in the priesthood, but he knows he could be in for a long morning.

He's competing for the teens' attention with engineers who have built high-tech equipment, businessmen who run multimillion- dollar companies and military recruiters with cool gear and tales of adventure.

"They have better toys," the priest says of his competition.

But if anyone can convince teenage boys to consider a lifetime of celibacy, prayer and a $24,000 salary, it's Schnippel.


LM said...

They may have better toys - but the toys need batteries & can be discarded quickly by new & better toys.

When you're high on life...the life of God, no batteries needed. It's eternal!

Adoro said...

Awesome article, Father. Only it's not a "job"! They insist on calling it that, don't they? Or "profession".

Father Schnippel said...


I know it is not a 'job' or 'profession,' but it is at least a way into talking about the Vocation in a way that young men can relate.

Sara said...

Padre - front page, above the fold. Impressive!

uncle jim said...

who's that bald guy?

hope my cinci [covington] sister sees it - she works downtown cinci...maybe i can get her to take you to lunch in my behalf someday

Adoro said...

Sorry...just a pet peeve of mine when we're constantly trying to explain to people that a vocation is not a just a job. It makes sense in the context used, of course.

Kazimer said...

Great work Father.

Although I am well past the age to consider the priesthood, a conversation with my Aunt provided a reflective moment for me.

I had relayed to her that throughout the years I had thought about becoming a priest.

She confided that she had that thought when I was a teen in my latter years on high school ( trying to figure out my direction in life ), but never said anything to me.

My point being - and I am glad you and your diocese are doing this - is to mention - to ask - young men to consider the possibility of the priesthood in their life plans.

The asking can be broadened to anyone who knows of a young man that they feel/ see the vocation of the priesthood.

Years ago for me ( and now even more so ) there were so many distractions and things battling for my attention, that the priesthood - even if on the edge of attention - gets pushed off the radar of possibility.

I also like the idea of your relaying about the giving up of the medical profession and that being a priest is worth it and that you love it.

Young men ( at least I know I did)- love these revelations as there is a desire to do something different and something more with their life.

It's also important, as you do, to show how priests also have other interests ie sports, hobbies - getting together with friends.

May God continue to bless you and your work.

Padre Steve said...

Great job getting the word out! Keep up the good work! A blessed Advent to you!