Monday, December 29, 2008

Ohio part of..... Canada?!?!?!

Via The American Catholic comes word that a Russian Academic has foretold an economic collapse and discent into Civil War with the breakup of this storied nation into the following areas.
My thoughts? Utah and California together? Nah.
And Ohio part of Canada? well, at least we're not part of the EU!


Adoro said...

Well, I think mn is ALREADY a part of Canada....that's where our political allegiance lies, based on the last election.

Kurt said...

Reminds me of an old Charlie Daniels song from when I was a kid (you were probably in diapers):

Well the eagle's been flying slow,
and the flag's been flyin' low,
And a lot of people are sayin' that America's fixing to fall
But speaking just for me
and some people from Tennessee
We got a thing or two to tell you all
This lady may have stumbled,
but she ain't never fell,
And if the Russians don't believe that
they can all go straight to . . . .

uncle jim said...

i think i'll hook up with some cult somewhere in the heartland and be a part of a counter insurgency movement.

Kelly Benjey said...

Mexico might become a part of South Texas.... but it would be a cold day in you know where before Texas ever became part of Mexico again! Russians obviously underestimate the spirit of the South in general.