Friday, July 31, 2009

IMSA'd x2

For motorsports fans, IMSA is an acronym for the International Motor Sports Association. Much as NA$CAR is for 'stock' cars, IMSA is a sanctioning body for endurance racing, sports cars, and those who prefer to turn left AND right in their motorsports endeavors: American LeMans Series, SCCA ProRacing, StarMazda Series, etc.

Well, among corner workers at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, IMSA has a different connotation: I'M Soaked Again!

Such was my day yesterday.

Two priest buddies and I hit the dRed's Game, a 12:35 start. (Oh, the tough life of the Vocation Director!) I knew the skies looked a bit sketchy, but we enjoyed nonetheless. That is, until the rain started coming down, at first lightly, but slowly built until we had a good soaking going on. Argh! If the game woulda been worth watching, yes. But as poorly as the dReds have been playing lately..... We left at the 6th inning, by the time the rain had stopped.

Run home, shower, dry off, change and head to the Center for Mass. As I emerge from the Sacristy, I notice a couple whose wedding I had had a few weeks ago and hadn't had the chance to talk to since. They hadn't had dinner, so they invited me to join them at a local establishment, being the social butterfly, I glad agreed.

Hmm... As they finished their meal, the satelite tv's started to go all fuzzy, and 'searching for signal' became a favorite channel/program. I know what this means, and it ain't good!

Yep, five minutes later, Noah looked the genius, and my car is across the parking lot!

Drat, IMSA'd again!

Hopefully we got it out of the way for when we head to Road America in the middle of August.


Lucas said...

I sense some "Ezell-ian" influence in this post. Go Bengals!

Brian said...

Holy Spirit'd.

Ed Winkle said...

Father, I had season tickets to the 75-76 Reds. I think I saw one of the best teams ever play the game. I had a season ticket for the Ohio State Buckeyes 68-71 and I think I saw one of the best football teams ever play. I never had tickets like that again, I think I saw the best.