Wednesday, July 1, 2009

'Social' media

Today at lunch, I experienced the ever frightening prospect of meeting someone in person whom I have only known online.

Luckily, Catholic Meme was fantatstic!

We chatted about how to use new media/social media in the Vocation Office, and she gave me a great deal of homework!

I've just (finally!) set up a feedburner that my posts here also drop into twitter a(@fatherschnippel)

Next assignment: Fan Page on Facebook! Problem is, no idea how to do it! We're working on it here in Vocation Central, tho, and we'll launch it here as soon as we get it going.

By the way, we already have a Facebook 'Group' page, so I'm not completely behind the mark on this one! Holy Smoke! We've only got 29 followers! Why have you not joined the best vocation group there?!?!?!?!?

(For those keeping track, remember how I whined about getting a Facebook ID? No? Good, I can't find the link, now, so forget about it.) My Facebook ID has just changed, I got one of those fancy dancy new ID's!! Won't you be my friend?

Other rooms that we inhabit in this world wide web:

(We feed those through iTunes, search 'Cincinnati Vocation Office' to find us there and sign up for auto downloads into your ipod.)

Not me, but info from the Archdiocese is at

I think that's good for now.


Kathreja said...

Fr. The facebook thingie doesn't work.

Or I am inept.

MJ said...

I tried the facebook thing too and couldn't find you to add you as a friend. Are you just teasing us?

Kathreja said...

I think he is... maybe he is getting too complacent, perhaps another pick on fr. kyle day is in order>>>

Father Schnippel said...

hmmm.... works for me from the home computer....

I never have luck with Facebook.

Kathreja said...

proly cuz you are logged in... I can't even find you doing a people search... but I am proly spelling your name wrong.

Matt said...

Father use this link to make a fan page. Let me know if you need help.

Todd said...

Not only does your Facebook link not work, on the group page, your name as the "creator" is not a link, either! It's as if your account has been deactivated! I hope they fix it!

Mikki said...

Make sure you are logged out of your personal Facebook page, and then try Fr. Schnippel's Facebook link. Or Google: ‘fr kyle schnippel on facebook’ and click the link. Facebook opens to Fr. Schnippel’s page.
Both worked for me, but only when Facebook was closed before clicking the link. Weird, I know.

Kathreja said...

hmm doesn't solve the problem of friending him.

he probably clicked on some privacy setting by accident.

Mikki said...

Maybe he doesn't want to be friends with you. 8^)
Ha! Only teasing.
I don't know about friending him. I don't have a Facebook page, I used my husband's to work on the connect problem. I don't want to mess with his Facebook trying to friend a priest. If it worked, he might freak.
No offense Father. 8^)

Wayne in the Vocation Office said...

Father, I'm setting up the fan page today. I've found out how to do it, but I will need some help from everyone to really make this a successful page. Looking for good discussion topics and other means of updating the page regularly. Any suggestions on what to include on the page?

BarbaraKB said...

Wonderful to meet with you too, Fr. Kyle. More discussions to come, whether online, on the phone or in person: all are good and all are "social." Peace!

-@BarbaraKB (aka: @CatholicMeme)

Michelle Beckham-Corbin said...

I loved your blog post!! It came to me via a Google Alert I have set up to send me articles, blog posts, etc. on Social Media topics. I love the way you began the post with the "confession" that you felt a little nervous about meeting an online friend in person. I'm sure that many people share your concern. I am connected to Barbara on Twitter and met her at a recent New Media Cincinnati Meet-Up. She is a wonderful person to connect with!

You have a done a great job linking your readers to the many ways that they can get in touch with you.

I am a member of the IHM parish in Anderson Township and we recently started a Facebook group for our parish.

Looking forward to reading more of your posts. I invite you to come check out the New Media Cincinnati networking group meet-ups on the 2nd Saturday of the month at the Pub in Rookwood Pavilion. Lots of social media enthusiasts to learn from.