Thursday, July 2, 2009


Thanks to all who commented on the last 'social media' post, great discussion, although I am not sure about the tendency here to talk about your host in the third person....

Anyway, we now have a fan page on Facebook! (I know, hold your applause, we're just getting started!)

For those having trouble getting me on the same page, I have no idea why that happens. If it is b/c of some security thing I have on, how do I turn it off?

We did add 8 new members to the group page, so some people are getting through. I have no idea.

Oh, since I got blasted by email, Brant Pitre's CD sets are also available at the Catholic Shop in Madiera. (Anyone want to sponsor me a copy of the three volume set on Sacraments?)

Off to the Reds' Game with some priest buddies, hopefully no replay of the last time we went to a game.....


Ed Winkle said...

What is a fan page Father? I think God has the whole page.

Todd said...

Fr. Kyle,
Go to, and make sure your search visibility is set to "Everyone" so that people who are not in your network can find you and "friend" you.

Hopefully it will work!

Father Schnippel said...

Todd, that did it, thanks for the hand.