Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cincinnati Magazine

is running an article in which I was interviewed.

I don't have it, haven't seen it, looked online, couldn't find it.

However, Greta comments below: "Certainly made you seem hard pressed to give a strong answer as if you really did not agree, but that was the church position."

Just to be clear, that is certainly! not my position, as should be easily gleaned from this site and things I have written in the Telegraph, and was one of the reasons I was somewhat reluctant to do the interview. If someone has it, I would be glad to read it.


Greta said...

After several pages on Akers the wonder nun, they get to your quotes.

"As Vocations Director for the Arch of Cincinnati, the Rev. Kyle Schnippel often delivers homilies at local parishes asking members to encourage young men to consider the priesthood. And often, Standing outside a church after mass, someone will come up and day 'You wouldn't have this problem if you didn"t overlook half the population.'
'I'm in sales, I'm not in management,' Schnippel quips as he settles into answering one of the hardest questons he faces in his job. Even ardent supporters of the Vatican's position acknowledge it's not an easy case to make; indeed, surveys show that about 60% of American Catholics oppose the Vatican ban on women's ordination. 'This is one of the few areas in he world today where women are told, You can't take part in this. This isn't open to you,' Schnippel says. 'Even faithful women who love the Church, the first time they hear this is's like, Whoa.'"

Then they go on with more quotes from Akers about this being a justice issue and have some quotes from Gail Finke

Then come back to you Father.

"'It's difficult, especailly in American culture, modernist culter, whre everything is up for grabs and church is what we decide it to be, and we're going out and saying, 'No, the truth is what is established by Christ,' Schnippel says. 'It's not something the Church invested, he insists. this is what Christ teaches.'"

I felt from the way it was presented that you up front were saying you were just selling it, but that management was in some way forcing the issue and that many you talk with do not believe it making this your toughest areas of discussion which I would find hard to believe since it is also an areas that Pope JPII set as definitive teaching that cannot be changed.

Robert said...

Hey Father,

I could not find it either, apparently to read this months articles online you have to be a subscriber [who still charges for online content?] I wouldn't sweat it tho'... The few times I've ever read Cincinnati Magazine was in the checkout and it's really not all that. Although, I do understand your frustration.

Anyone who reads your blog and/or your twitter feed knows your stance on the issue. I hope the writer had enough common sense to include a link to your blog in the original article...