Friday, January 22, 2010

Hope for the Future

I'm still here in Cincinnati, and didn't make the trip to the nation's capital for the March for Life. I had a presentation last night and a few things going today as my lame excuse.

However, my niece, 8th grader in a public school back home, is either currently on the way, or already in DC for the March. She is attending through a group back home that paints the purple hearts with the image of a child in the womb on barns and other large outdoor items.

The fact that she is aware of this at her age is, I think, something that gives hope for the future.

Also, my sister (her mom) reports that children of today are more religiously aware than we were. They talk openly about saying the rosary, about stopping in at the Adoration chapel, the importance of prayer, etc.

All of which, again, I think gives much hope for the future.

Pray for those traveling, pray for the conversion of hearts of those opposed to life, give witness with your life of the joy found in Christ.


Anonymous said...

Our parish sent a busload, including 4 members of my family. Thankfully they arrived safely. We had a number of first-timers on the trip this year. May their voices be heard at this critical moment for the unborn! Thanks for your prayers for their safe travels!

Anonymous said...

For how hard it is to explain to a young child what abortion really means, it is important that they understand--especially when television shows can show everything under the moon except the truth about abortion.
We need to keep praying and one day abortion will be illegal again!
Keep encouraging the little ones in your family--they look up to you a lot.....even your God-Child! ;)