Monday, April 26, 2010

Edward Schulte Churches in Cincinnati

On April 17th, Dennis McNamara of Creative Minority Report fame, keynoted a lecture of Church architect Edward Schulte and his work in Cincinnati. The above video was presented at the conference, which I was sadly unable to attend.

I've celebrated Mass at several of these parishes, and the scale that he presents is usually epic, but I may be thinking almost exclusively of the Cathedral. To stand at the High Altar and celebrate Mass is to preside at something other-worldly. To go from that sanctuary to other Churches, in which the furthest pew from the altar is still closer than the nearest in the Cathedral, takes some adjustment!

As a side note, one of my classmates is pastor at St. Cecilia's, and he has worked to bring in some of the traditional elements back to the sanctuary and the Church. Another priest friend is at St. Bernard's, a truly marvelous little gem of a parish at the intersection of I-74 and I-275 on Cinci's westside.

Anyway, read the comments at CMR, too, as DMac weighs in on the 'Devolution of Church Architecture.' Anyone interested in a further discuession on the topic would be wise to pick up a copy of his book, too.

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