Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Clerical Celibacy

Jeff Pinyan, who incidently was also on The Son Rise Morning Show this week, responds to 40 challenges to clerical (priestly) celibacy, a good thing to check out for those discerning.

In my stop at the studios of Sacred Heart Radio this morning, I left a gift for news lady Anna Mitchell. She's always cold, so I thought I would help.

I will be speaking at Theology on Tap - Cincinnati this week, tomorrow in fact! Topic: The Real Men in Black: A Biblical Perspective on the Priesthood. Join us at 7:00 pm at Ticket's Sports Cafe in Covington, across from Mother of God Catholic Church, for what is to be an inspiring talk! (I hope)

Other than that, keep prayers for our applicants coming, two new phone calls in the last week with a 'It's time to go' to the seminary, putting us firmly into double digits of new men for the Fall!

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