Sunday, April 25, 2010

For Your Vocation

It is now live.  Go visit.


Adoro said...

Looked it over, I'm a bit disappointed, actually. While it does seem to have some good resources, and at work I'll review the videos pertaining to educators, etc., I'm hoping their intent is to continue to add to their resources for all categories.

I can't comment on any the videos as I'm at home (can't watch them), well, I otherwise expected a sort of "clearinghouse" of information. It isn't. I don't think it even measures up to the sites that are out there for women, and in fact, it seems to make Diocesan Vocations Directors "spiritual directors" for those who are discerning, across the board.

So...congratulations, thank the USCCB when men and women both call you expecting you to be their discernment SD. That's how their site reads.

All that said, I'm glad they have this site, I'm sure it will be of great assistance to many although they will still have to do a lot of legwork on their own if they are really serious.

God's grace in all things.

Wayne said...

I'm happy to see the AoC Vocation office well represented. Several of the lesson plans from our most recent VAW materials are up there.

I would probably have to echo Adoro's comments on the lack of total information and useability, but I would imagine this is meant to be something that grows much like their Year for Priests page that allows users to submit their best practices and resources. Good start, I'd say.