Saturday, June 26, 2010

Almost lift off time....

T-minus six hours till lift off for the Eternal City. Bags are packed, everything is ready to go, just some time to wait, watch a Soccer match, Mass and lunch with the friend who is taking me to the airport, and voilĂ , tomorrow, Rome! (after that ever convenient Cincinnati-Chicago-Munich-Rome flight path, but hey I can get a weisswurst on that second layover)

Please be assured of my prayers for you, please keep all of us in your prayers as well.

I have heard that the Pallium Mass will be broadcast on EWTN and Catholic TV, but at something like 3:00 in the morning on Tuesday. Hopefully there will be a replay later in the day.



Jackie said...

Gelato! Penne Carbonara!! Michelangelo!!!

Oh - yes - the Mass at St. Peter's too!

Have a great time! Thanks for the prayers.

Bonnie Rodgers said...

Hi Fr.Schnippel,

Hope your travels are wonderful!
CatholicTV will air the Pallium Mass at 8pm (ET) on CatholicTV and Later you will be able to watch it on-demand from our website as well.

Glad to hear your settled in at the hotel.
Ciao! Wish I knew how to say, I we were there!

Bonnie Rodgers

Kurt said...

We saw you on the mass coverage, by the way. We had Lucy looking for someone that looks just like Dad and she did.

Father Schnippel said...

Way to go Lucy!