Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Others, a divine preference for stone

The best commentary I've seen so far on the, ummm.... tragedy?, of the 'King of Kings' (aka 'Big Butter Jesus' or 'Touchdown Jesus') statue destroyed by lightning strike outside Solid Rock Church, pictured above (before and after, I think it's obvious which is which!), is over at Ignatius Insight by Mark Brumley. His conclusion:

There may indeed be a grander purpose in the destruction of the fiberglass statue of the Lord. But who can say? One church member declared it a call to repentance. Of course since most of us usually have something to repent of or to repent more deeply of, the destruction of the statues certainly can be taken as a providential reminder to turn away from sin.

Iconoclasts will, no doubt, see this as a divine judgment against idolatry. Others might interpret it as a divine preference for stone.

As a 'full disclosure' aspect, I drive by this statue constantly, on my way up and down I-75 between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio. As other commentators have noted (and now I can't find), not my preference for religious art, but I admired their zeal in displaying the thing and I tried to remember to say a prayer as I drove past.

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