Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Getting Closer

This time of year, residents of several Archdioceses throughout the world are making plans for 'The Trip' to accompany a new Metropolitan Archbishop to Rome as he recieves a Pallium from the Holy Father.

Since I don't have a parish assignment, guess what? I get to lead the troops over for this trip with Archbishop Schnurr!

Since we leave in ten days, I am starting to get more and more amped up for it, but the real excitement will not come until I deplane at Leonardo de Vinci Airport and make that bus trip into the Eternal City. I've been four times, but the first time you catch site of St. Peter's... Breathless!

There are about 100 folks heading over from Cincinnati to be with Archbishop Schnurr, and I even know a few, so win-win.

Stops include:

Mass at Sant'Anna in the Vatican City (first time visit for me!)
Vatican Museum and Gallery (a few things I am going to look for that I haven't seen before)
guided tour of St. Peter's
Pallium Mass presided by Pope Benedict
Reception at the North American College
Papal Audience in I think Paul VI Hall
Assisi (never been)
Mass at St. Mary Major and visit to St. John Lateran and the Scalia Sancta
Mass at St. Paul Outside the Walls
San Pietro in Vincolo
Catacombs of St. Callistus and Quo Vadis (my favorite spot in Rome!)
Colosseum and the Forum

That's a lot to pack into 7 days!

Any specific prayer requests?

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