Thursday, January 13, 2011

Around the Interwebs

I've had a few things collecting in the 'Post on Blogger' file, thought I'd clear that out a bit this morning.

First, from Adoro, comes an analysis of the Call of Christ in the Gospel of Luke, particularly apt during Vocation Awareness Week.

Second, in the midst of tragedy, a ray of hope. The Trappist Monks of New Melleray Abbey (where I spent my 2009 retreat) offered a child's casket for the youngest of the victims of the tragedy in Arizona. It was a gift of their 'Child Casket' fund, which offers appropriately sized caskets to families of children at no cost. Perhaps a gift to the fund in honor of Christina Green would be a fitting tribute?

Thirdly, and a little lighter: Bond, Father Bond. (The comments with potential titles are particularly funny.)

Fourth, why Vocations Awareness Week after the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord? Fr. Fox, priest of the Archdiocese, has a great answer in his homily from this past Sunday.

Finally, ever wanted to know the impact on a family when a son heads to the seminary? This week's 'Vocation Issue' from the Catholic Telegraph features an article on our three transitional deacons and interviews with family and friends. (I featured this over at Cincinnati Vocations yesterday.)

OOPS! One more: have you prayed the Prayer for Vocations yet?

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