Monday, January 24, 2011

Around the Web: March for Life

So, I'm here in chilly and snowy Cincinnati wishing i was in chilly and sunny DC. Alas.

As I was driving over for early Mass at a neighboring parish, EWTN's Son Rise Morning Show was featuring short call ins from various regulars who were on the way or already in DC for the March for Life.

Searching around, I found a few things that seemed worthy of posting.

From my friend Emily, a reflection she gave a few years ago on the occassion of the March and an encounter outside a planned unparenthood clinic. Again proving that abortion really does hurt women, not help them.

Random searches show up wierd things: a reflection on seeing the reflection of a sister. hmm....

Catholic Musicians? Does such a creature exist? A note recieved:
I’m trying to get the word out into the Catholic blogosphere about some new music – I released my second album a few months ago, called “The Luggage of an Optimist” (based on a chapter title in GK Chesterton’s “Manalive”). I’ve been featured on a Catholic radio station out in Oregon, and getting opportunities here and there around the Boston area, where I work and live...
Any help (i.e. a blurb about the music on the blog) you might give to an emerging Catholic artist would be great! I know that word can spread pretty fast through this sphere –
Music may be found here:
And bought (in addition to I-tunes, Amazon, etc) here:

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Wayne said...

regarding your last link:

Here is another up and coming Catholic musician with a completely different sound.

Miriam is very good as well, though.

They are out there, you just have to support them enough to get their names into the public spehere.